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Introducing Saddlewood at Deep Well Ranch

Tuesday June 19, 2018

With the launch of Saddlewood at Deep Well Ranch, Dorn Homes is pleased to invite homebuyers to become part of the Quad Cities’ newest and most exciting community. Saddlewood at Deep Well Ranch is centrally located, just north of Highway 89A, and offers convenient access to both Prescott and Prescott Valley via Pioneer Parkway. These new homes are built with the same exclusive building science and Organic Home promise as any other Dorn Home and start affordably in the mid $200s. This means that you can enjoy the quality of life that living in a Dorn Home brings without breaking the bank.

IMG_1235This brand new neighborhood is the foundation of an up-and-coming community with plans in place for the construction of schools, shopping, and entertainment options. Our initial homebuyers will have their choice of prime locations from which they’ll experience the community taking shape around them.

As with all the homes we build, Saddlewood at Deep Well Ranch is committed to reducing our homebuyers’ ecological footprint while saving them money on their monthly utility bills. Dorn Homes’ eco-friendly building science and energy-efficient construction mean you’ll enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures, regardless of the weather outside. Our Organic Home promise means that you’ll also enjoy healthier indoor air and construction with low or no-VOC materials. At Saddlewood at Deep Well Ranch, you’ll be one of the first homebuyers to take advantage of Dorn Homes’ water harvesting system. You’ll use collected water for exterior irrigation, saving money every month and enjoying the peace of mind that comes with lower utility bills and a smaller ecological footprint.

IMG_1234-1Because Dorn Homes believes in having an impact on the community instead of the environment, each new home in Saddlewood means a contribution to DornCares, a charitable endeavor that connects community members with those in need and the organizations that help them. By purchasing a new home in Saddlewood, you’ll be helping us end homelessness in the Quad Cities by the year 2020. By simply becoming part of the community you’re doing your part to make the community stronger.

For more information on our building science, The Organic Home, or DornCares, explore our website. For questions about Saddlewood at Deep Well Ranch or any Dorn Homes community, reach out to an Online Home Advisor today.


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