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Make the Master Bath your Own Private Spa

Monday April 30, 2018

When you’re designing your master bath the first priority should be building a space that meets your lifestyle needs. Choices like dual sinks, a walk in shower or tub, and appropriate medicine cabinet and storage space have an impact on your day-to-day quality of life. But meeting those needs is just the starting point for designing the perfect master bath. We’ve put together five tips to help you take your master bath from a functional space to a soothing retreat.


Start with the Right Materials

Nothing has as much impact on the feel of your master bath as the materials that you choose to adorn it with. We recommend light colored materials like cultured marble and natural stone for your countertops and shower surrounds. The natural variation in the textures, patterns, and colors of a stone tile add contrast and complexity to your space. Another great way to add depth and warmth to a room is to use dark wood for the cabinetry. Dark woods offer a pleasant contrast to the lightness of the room and add richness that painted cabinetry lacks.

Lots of Natural Light

When designing the room, make sure to include a pathway for lots of natural light. Whether you have large windows or privacy windows built over the shower area, natural lighting is the best way to show off your master bath. Artificial lights can wash the room with blue or red tints and make the space feel clinical instead of inviting, or hide the subtle details of the natural stone and wood that you so carefully chose. Natural lighting also makes the room more dynamic. You can start your day with a shower at sunrise or end it with a bubble bath at sunset.

Sunflower Master Bath

Choose Statement Pieces

One of the best ways to give your master bath a “signature look” is by choosing one element and turning it into a statement piece. Something like a freestanding tub or a walk-in shower is an ideal choice. With freestanding tubs you’ve got a wide variety of classic looks that help make the room memorable. With walk-in showers you can let your eye for design shine by customizing tile and glass. During the design, consider tile mosaics or other accent features to pair with your natural stone tile.

Open up the Space

Natural light and light colors will really open up your master bath, but there’s one trendy new style that takes it to the next level: Open shelving. Instead of a blocky bathroom vanity that intrudes into your space, adding open shelving can help integrate the piece into the rest of the room. Bookending the vanity with cabinets and utilizing the space between two sinks as shelving is ideal because it still offers a place for concealing things like trashcans or other items you’d prefer to keep out of sight. At the same time, open shelving offers stylish convenience by making things like extra hand towels easily accessible.

juniper-masterbath-1Splurge on the Little Things

You’ve gone to a lot of effort to turn your master bath into a private spa, don’t make the mistake of settling when you’re making the final design choices. Choose lighting and plumbing fixtures that accentuate the space—especially your statement pieces. A light natural stone will be complimented by muted fixtures like brushed nickel or bronze rather than a bright chrome or gold finish. Select high-end towels and robes so that you not only see the your master bath as a spa but you feel it as well. Things like robe hooks, aromatic diffusers, and houseplants can put the finishing touches on your home spa experience.

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