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Meet Your Neighbors: Ruthie and Jim Baker

Posted by Dornhomes on Jun 28, 2018 11:32:20 AM

IMG_1882_editsAs part of our ongoing efforts to introduce our homebuyers to their neighbors we’d like you to meet two of the newest members of the Dorn Homes community: Ruthie and Jim Baker. In this edition of Meet Your Neighbors we’ve asked the Bakers to share their story about finding Northern Arizona, what they enjoy about living here, and why they chose to make their new home in Pronghorn their “last move,” as Ruthie put it.

Their Path to Northern Arizona

The Baker’s path to Northern Arizona took them all over the country. Originally from Sacramento, the couple started their retirement journey nearly 15 years ago. From Oregon to Alabama to Tennessee, Ruthie and Jim have called nearly every corner of this country home. Ultimately, the pair decided to move to Arizona to be closer to family in the state as well as family in California. Like many of our homeowners, they found the heat in Phoenix and Tucson too much to bear and realized Northern Arizona was the place to be.

Why They Chose Dorn Homes

For the Bakers, the community amenities were a big factor in choosing to build in Pronghorn Ranch. Ruthie enjoys water aerobics two to three times a week while Jim actively uses the community’s fitness center. They spoke glowingly of playing games with neighbors in the clubhouse and celebrating birthdays of friends that were strangers just a few months ago. The couple laughed when recounting the story of how, exactly, they found Pronghorn. They were still living in Tennessee when Ruthie accidentally called the local Realtor they were working with (“butt dialed” as the Realtor put it) and it just so happened that the Realtor not only picked up, but had also found a spec home that she thought would be perfect for the pair. That spec home turned into the home they’re living in today.IMG_1879_edits

What was Their Experience Throughout the Building Process?

When we asked Ruthie about her experience working with the Dorn Home team members she had rave reviews for Allison and Sean (the word “sweetheart” was thrown around quite liberally). Ruthie was quick to highlight how easy Allison made the homebuying process and how accommodating Sean their Building Superintendant was. Jim was more interested in the final product, calling their new home “a well-built home from the foundation all the way up.” We couldn’t have said it any better, Jim.

What Advice Would They Give a Homebuyer?

We asked the Bakers for a few words of advice to share with prospective homebuyers and Ruthie suggested that for those homebuyers, “Dorn Homes would be a good place to buy.” She highlighted the open floorplan designs and how much she and her visitors enjoyed the layout as some of the features that distinguish their new home from the others they’ve lived in over the years.

IMG_1885_edits_v2We’d like to thank the Bakers for taking a few minutes to sit down with us and share their path from Sacramento to Oregon to Alabama to Tennessee then finally to Pronghorn Ranch and their experience building a new home with Dorn. For more information about Dorn Homes, reach out to an Online Home Advisor today. For those of you in the Pronghorn Ranch community clubhouse, say hi to the Bakers. They just might teach you how to play a game of Mexican Train.

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