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Building Relationships, Not Just Homes

Posted by Dornhomes on Feb 10, 2020 3:19:44 PM

February is upon us, and that means spring is just around the corner and love is in the air. We’ve often written about Dorn Homes’ commitment to strengthening communities by building real relationships with our homebuyers, our employees, our trade partners, and the community around us. This year for Valentine’s Day we’d like to share some of the stories that inspire us to continue spreading that message of relationship building. So continue reading for a few anecdotes from employees about their favorite moments and why they love working at Dorn Homes, and some thoughtful comments from homebuyers that got butterflies when they saw their brand new homes.

Dave Hubbs – Dorn Homes Director of Purchasing

On what inspires Dorn Homes’ employees each and every day.

It feels good to work for a company who truly lives the mission of the company. Improving the lives of those we touch. Every day and every meeting that is held as a company you can feel the care and appreciation the leadership and especially Dave Grounds has for every employee, every trade, and every customer. What a great feeling knowing that at any time you could be helping someone more than is known.

Scotty MacEachern – Dorn Homes Superintendent

Shares a heartwarming anecdote of community building.

I got word from a homeowner that one of our Astoria homeowners was turning 90. I shared that with our framing crew, they suggested we go sing happy birthday. Word spread, we got a large group of plumbers, framers went to her house and sang happy birthday. To this day she and her family consider Dorn to be part of their family.

Daniel & Deborah D. - Homeowners

When the wife and I first started shopping the Prescott area, Dorn Homes was a new name to us. Once convinced that this was the builder for us we committed to Quailwood and have loved the people and the process every step of the way.

Sahara Moenning - Dorn Homes Assistant Superintendent

On helping make dreams come true.

During buyer orientation in Quail Canyon, a homeowner started to cry because all of us at Dorn Homes had helped make their dream come true. They never thought they would have such a wonderful home. It gives us such a great feeling to see how you can impact lives.

John & Marsha Z. – Homeowners

Ken Clark is a busy, busy Construction Supervisor who does a great job trying to make our home OURS. I sincerely appreciate Ken's efforts to go beyond what is expected of him by Dorn so that Dorn itself reaps the benefit of having a satisfied owner. I would like Dorn to recognize what a fine customer oriented manager that they have in Ken Clark.

Sherry Savage – Dorn Homes Lead Construction Coordinator

On her experience delivering a regular lunch Dorn Homes provides to our trade partners hard at work.

Delivering Food to the Field - it is awesome to see the excitement in the trades when we drive into a community with our Dorn flag flying. You see them jumping off equipment and coming down from ladders to come and enjoy the lunch that we bring out. One trip to Pronghorn I pulled into a cul-de-sac and opened the trunk, there were probably 25 guys/gals coming out from the homes.

Keith & Eva B. – Homeowners

John Garner was a pleasure to work with during the selection / buying process. He was helpful, informative and forthright. We also very much enjoyed working with Danelle Hernandez during the design process. She was incredibly patient with us as we selected our features. She had a great eye for design and offered valuable advice and suggestions. Lastly, we have very much enjoyed working with Lane Pierce during the first phases of our home’s construction. He has always been available, either by phone, text or email. He has been prompt and responsive to my inquiries. When we did our walk through last week, we were extremely pleased with his patience and willingness to share with us the smallest details regarding our home’s construction. Lane was very professional, showed a high degree of job knowledge and was obviously committed to making sure our satisfaction was paramount. He is a great representative for Dorn Homes!

Travis Richardson – Dorn Homes Assistant Superintendent

On what it means to build a community.

In my time in the military, I traveled the world and have seen some of the worst places and communities. What brought me to Dorn was we, as a whole, make the community better by building dream homes one day at a time improving the lives of all we touch.

We couldn’t have put it any better ourselves. Thank you to the employees demonstrating Dorn Homes’ Values every day and to the homebuyers who shared their stories. If you’re hoping to make a match with a new home or a new community, or if you’re just looking for some information, reach out to an Online Home Advisor today.

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