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Exploring Dorn Homes’ Tools for Buyers

Posted by Dornhomes on Sep 11, 2019 11:51:28 AM

At Dorn Homes we put a high priority on ensuring that every interaction that our homebuyers and prospective homebuyers have with the Dorn Homes family is friendly and responsive. A big part of our commitment to quality is an emphasis on service. That being said, we know that sometimes our homebuyers want to explore a little on their own. When you’re dreaming up different versions of your perfect floor plan, you don’t always need someone looking over your shoulder. For those moments, we’ve built a suite of online tools to help you pick out the perfect neighborhood, plan the layout of your new home, or maybe just dream a little more about what your new home could be. So continue reading to learn a little more about the innovative tools and programs available to help you know what questions to ask a builder, to help you design your new home, or even sell your old one.

Dorn Homes’ Buying Guide

If you’re considering buying a brand new home you’ll be faced with a lot of considerations. Assuming you have a town to build in that you’ve come to love, you’ll likely have a variety of builders, communities, and models to consider. Unless you’ve been referred to a builder by someone you trust, you may not be comfortable trying to compare one builder against another. To help our homebuyers know what to look for in a builder, we’ve created a comprehensive Home Buying Guide that you can use to compare the quality standards, energy efficiency, and even neighborhood amenities. We sincerely believe that our emphasis on quality construction, our exclusive building science, and our commitment to building communities where you actually want to live makes a Dorn Homes community the right choice for our homebuyers. With our Home Buying Guide you don’t have to take our word for it, you can bring it to any builder you’re considering and make the comparison yourself.

Our Dream Home Survey

Untitled design (9)-1After you’ve compared builders and decided that Dorn Homes is the builder for you, the next step is finding the right home in the right community. That’s where our Dream Home Survey comes into play. Simply answer a questionnaire about what you want in a home, from square footage and bedrooms to price and amenities, and one of our Online Home Advisors will reach out with a selection of homes that meet your needs. No scrolling through websites hoping to find the right fit; let us do the searching for you.

Online Home Advisors

Speaking of our Online Home Advisors, this award-winning team is an ideal point of contact during this phase of the homebuying process. They can answer questions about all the homes we build and the neighborhoods we build in. Our Online Home Advisors can help schedule appointments to tour models and explore communities, and can follow up on questions you may have. In fact, if you’re reading this, you may have a box in the lower right corner of your screen inviting you to speak with one at this very moment.

3D Tours

Untitled design (15)At this point, you’ve compared Dorn Homes to other builders in the area, gotten a recommendation on models and communities, and maybe even scheduled an appointment to visit our model homes. But what do you do if you’re relocating from out of town and touring the models is weeks or months away? We recommend touring the homes virtually from the convenience of your home. Our 3D Tours allows you to experience a comprehensive digital walkthrough of all of our models. This is ideal for identifying points of interest in the homes, comparing models from different communities, or even just gathering some interior design ideas from our professionally designed models.

Interactive Floor Plans

So now that you’ve found your builder, neighborhood, home, and you’ve walked through the models, the next step is turning our homes into your dream home. We don’t expect you to take a sledgehammer to the model to try and get a better sense of what the Owner’s Suite would look like with doors opening to the back patio. Instead, we offer Interactive Floor Plans for all the homes we build. The simple point and click interface allows you to add and remove bay windows, garage extensions, fireplaces and more. You can explore every option available for the floor plan of your choice with the click of a button. This tool helps you focus on the options you want and need long before you’ve signed a contract or set foot inside our Design Center.

Dorn Homes’ Exclusive No Hassle Move-Up

No Hassle Move Up Logo_Stacked-01-01You’ve done it all. You’ve found your dream home in the perfect community. The only thing standing in the way of breaking ground is selling your old home. Most people dread this step, prepping for open houses, inviting realtors and prospective buyers in, and trying to live your normal life while keeping your home “show-ready.” Well, we can help with that too. Through our partnerships with Opendoor and Offerpad, sellers in select areas are able to sell their old homes without the hassles of the past. No more worrying about a new coat of paint, or buyers trying to find imperfections just to drop the price. The old selling process could drag on for weeks or months, with the No Hassle Move-Up you can get a quote in as little as 2 days with the added benefit of scheduling a closing that not only works for you, but aligns with the completion of your brand new home.

Wherever you are in the buying process, and however independent you’d like to be, our suite of buyer tools can help make finding and designing your new home a breeze. To learn more about these tools, or any of the homes we build, reach out to the aforementioned Online Home Advisors today.

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